Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Commitments and Contingencies

Commitments and Contingencies
12 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2013
Commitments and Contingencies  
Commitments and Contingencies

Note 16: Commitments and Contingencies

        The Company's leases are primarily for distribution facilities or sales offices that expire principally between 2014 and 2023. A number of leases require the Company to pay certain executory costs (taxes, insurance, and maintenance) and contain certain renewal and purchase options. Annual rental expenses for operating leases were included in results of operations and were $10.1 million, $9.8 million and $10.0 million in fiscal years 2013, 2012, and 2011, respectively.

        Future minimum lease payments over the next five fiscal years and thereafter under non-cancelable operating leases at March 31, 2013, are as follows (amounts in thousands):

  Fiscal Years Ended March 31,  
  2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   Thereafter  

Minimum lease payments

  $ 8,663   $ 5,658   $ 2,870   $ 1,265   $ 967   $ 1,733  

Sublease rental income

    (251 )   (252 )   (21 )            

Net minimum lease payments

  $ 8,412   $ 5,406   $ 2,849   $ 1,265   $ 967   $ 1,733  

        The Company or its subsidiaries are at any one time parties to a number of lawsuits arising out of their respective operations, including workers' compensation or work place safety cases, some of which involve claims of substantial damages. Although there can be no assurance, based upon information known to the Company, the Company does not believe that any liability which might result from an adverse determination of such lawsuits would have a material adverse effect on the Company's financial condition or results of operations.