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Exhibit 21.1

List of Subsidiaries as of March 31, 2008 Exhibit 21.1

Name of Subsidiary

  Jurisdiction of Incorporation
KEMET Electronics Corporation   Delaware
KEMET Services Corporation   Delaware
KRC Trade Corporation   Delaware
The Forest Electric Company   Illinois
KEMET de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
KEMET Electronics (Canada) Limited   Canada
KEMET Electronics, S.A.    Switzerland
KEMET Electronics GmbH   Germany
KEMET Electronics SARL   France
KEMET Electronics Ltd.    United Kingdom
KEMET Electronics Portugal, S.A.    Portugal
KEMET Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.    Singapore
KEMET Electronics Marketing (S) Pte Ltd.    Singapore
KEMET Electronics Asia Limited   Hong Kong
KEMET Electronics Greater China Limited   Hong Kong
KEMET Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.    People's Republic of China
KEMET Electronics Japan Co., Ltd.    Japan
KEMET Electronics Pty Ltd.    Australia
KEMET Tantalum Pty Ltd.    Australia
Evox Rifa, Inc   Texas
Evox Rifa Group Oyj   Finland
Evox Rifa Oy   Finland
BHC Components Ltd.    United Kingdom
Evox Rifa Pte Ltd.    Singapore
Evox Rifa AB   Sweden
Nantong Evox Rifa Electrolytics Co. Ltd.    People's Republic of China
Seoryong Singapore Pte. Ltd.    Singapore
Evox Rifa Sdn. Bhd.    Malaysia
Dectron AB   Sweden
P.T. Evox Rifa Indonesia   Indonesia
Arcotronics Italia S.p.A.    Italy
Arcotronics Holding UK Ltd.    United Kingdom
Arcotronics Limited   United Kingdom
Arcotronics France S.a.r.l.    France
Arcotronics Industries S.p.A.    Italy
Arcotronics Bauelemente GmbH   Germany
Shanghai Arcotronics Components & Machineries Co., Ltd.    People's Republic of China
Arcotronics America Inc.    Oregon
Arcotronics Inc.    Delaware
Arcotronics Technologies S.r.l.    Italy
Arcotronics Hightech S.r.l.    Italy
Arcotronics Bulgaria AD   Bulgaria